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Geographical and historical premises have been inauspiciously affecting Bulgarian development, and its trade in particular, since the 14th century A.D. when the country was severed from Europe. Under Turkish rule from 1396 A.D. until 1879 A.D. and under SovietBULGARIA sway from 1944 until 1989, Bulgaria remained significantly isolated from the Western world. The post World War Two era had Bulgaria operating as a major supplier of goods necessary to the Soviet Block that had eventuated after the war. Thus, to the Western countries Bulgaria has gone largely unnoticed as a large and competent producer of industrial, agricultural and handcrafted goods. For that reason, Klimtech LLC has taken steps to develop international markets that have not before been let to mature.

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Klimtech’s business aim is to provide its clients with consistently high quality goods at apodictically competitive prices as quickly as possible.

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Established in 1992 by a team of professionals with extensive experience in: management, marketing, international trade and sales, the Klimtech Limited Liability Company set its prime ambit to be sourcing and exporting high quality Bulgarian goods at conspicuously competitive prices.

In the world of business, potential clients are often suspicious of the qualities of products offered at tangibly low costs. That is not always an imprudent perspective. Yet, in the case of the Bulgarian products Klimtech has culled, it is not applicable. An indirect evidence in that respect is Klimtech’s consistently rapid growth to have led to substantial diversification of the range of products exported which presently encompasses:

   High quality vintage wines, Declared Geographical Origin ( DGO ) or Controlled Name of Origin ( CNO ), equivalent to the superior French AOC standard;

   Gourmet quality fruit preserves, the dry content of above 63% tangibly excelling that of jams;

   Gourmet quality natural honey, poly-floral or mono-floral, i. e. acacia, linden, sunflower, pine;

   Authentic Bulgarian rose oil, rose absolute, rose concrete, rose essence, rose water, standards in themselves in cosmetics, perfumery and medicine;     

   Pure essential oils, herb extracts, plant extracts, glycol extracts, tinctures, pure natural products obtained by contemporary technology in compliance with international standards;

   Wood-carved and painted religious icons, exact canonical replicas of 13-19th c. originals;

   100% wool carpets, hand-tufted or machine-woven;

   Needlepoint tapestries, Wiehler style Petit Point or Gobelin renditions of renowned paintings  from 14-20th cc.

Satisfying not only the Bulgarian State Standard requirements, but also meeting internationally recognized standards, each Klimtech’s product is accompanied with a corresponding certificate of quality authenticated by a state institution. Copies of official laboratory certificates are viewable within each product page.

As pellucid from the product lists presented, Klimtech is firmly committed to making trade as easy as possible. Dedicated to service excellence and ubiquitous flexibility while accommodating any orders placed, the company considers that each proviso is negotiable within reasonable limits. To suit our clients' diverse and exacting needs, we are generating new lines of products to offer. As a corollary, in an effort to continually develop markets, Klimtech is most eager to receive requests for submitting quotations of items beyond its present export gamut.

A genuine reward for our committedness to be as informative and effective as feasible would be your envisaging worthwhile viewing our web site. If you would like to understand more about Bulgaria, you should click on its map.